chapter  XIII
The Systematic Unity of Value 1
WithJ. N. Findlay
Pages 19

Absolutes have been conceived as self-diversifying media spread out in time and space, as transcendent godheads exercising unlimited optional creativity or non-creativity, as a mind or spirit scattered over a whole society of communicating intelligences, andas an ideal Platonic world of forms deploying itself in a half-real world of instances. Absolutes by their indiscerptible unity and all pervasive responsibility are precisely the guarantors of those unitive, rational enterprises, whether in theory or practice, which, on assumptions of boundless logical pluralism and independence, are incapable even of an approach to justification. An Absolute is a very strange logical object, investigated if at all only by purely logical methods. The natural world in space and time represents such an Absolute in its nearest approach to utter dispersion and mutual externality, that essentially impossible condition which abstract formal logic often treats as the very paradigm of the possible.