Texts of the Accedence
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How mony partys of spech byn þer? VIII. Qwech viij? Nown, pronowne, verbe, aduerbe, participul, coniunccion, preposicion, interieccion. How mony byn declynet and how mony byn vndeclynet? IIII byn declynet and iiij byn vndeclynet. Wech iiij byn declynet? Nowne, pronowne, verbe and partycipull. Wych iiij byn vndeclynet? Aduerbe, coniunccion, preposicion and interieccion. How mony byn declynyt wt case and how mony wtout case? III wyth case and on wtout case. Wech iij wyth case? Nowne, pronowne and partycipull. Wych on wtout case? Verbe allon. 10