chapter  12
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Operation instructions

The triad ‘subject – theory – method’, figure 5.1, is of interest for engineering designers, to establish the actions and activities, information, methods and tools, to reach the goal of designing a TrfP(s)/TS(s), see figures 8.2 and 8.7. This includes establishing: (a) whether an action is possible because operation instructions are available – advice about procedure for acting, instructions for procedure in a design operation, especially for activities in level H2; (b) what technical knowledge is necessary, which known laws and rules apply in the particular area, both object information and design process information, see figures 8.1 and 8.3; (c) which properties of the TrfP(s) and/or TS(s) are to be established or determined; (d) what models, methods and tools can be used; and (e) where useful information and data may be found, etc.