chapter  4
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Cervical Cancer

T2W1 in (a) the sagittal plane and (b) the coronal plane,the latter providing a true transaxial image through the cervix. The endocervical lumen can be seen as a high signal intensity structure (black asterisk) surrounded by the cervical mucosa (white asterisk). The predominantly fibrous portion of the cervical stroma returns a low signal intensity and is discerned as a low signal intensity ring (long white arrow) immediately adjacent to the mucosa, while the outer cervix has an increased proportion of smooth muscle resulting in intermediate signal intensity (short white arrow). The cervix is surrounded by parametrium laterally and anteriorly (P in (b)) which is composed of fat, connective tissue, numerous blood vessels and lymphatics. The intra-organ anatomy of the uterus is well seen in (a) with the endometrial cavity (E), the junctional zone of the inner myometrium (J) and the outer myometrium (M). The pelvic floor formed by the levator ani muscular plate is well illustrated in (b) (black arrows). Bladder (B); urethra (U); ischioanal fossa; (IAF) obturator internus muscle (O).