chapter  8
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Description of the RYNSORD Simulator on CD-ROM and Scope of Experiments

In this chapter, we will describe the configuration and use of the RYNSORD simulator which is included in the accompanying CD-ROM. Unlike the versions described in Chapters 3 and 5, the provided software has been built for the Linux operating system. We believe that the low cost and high availability of Linux PCs make them an ideal choice of platform for distributed simulation. The system requirements include:

• Pentium class CPU • 32 MB of memory • Approximately 100 kb of disk space for the executables, while additional disk

space will be required for the input and output files • Linux glibc ELF system-kernel 2.0.36 has been tested but others should

work • TCP/IP networking enabled

In addition, the helper scripts provided assume that the rsh destination will be a trusted host so that no password will be required. Because of the security implications of this, it is not a recommended configuration for Internet connected hosts.