chapter  9
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Industrialization of Gari Fermentation

Gari (Nigeria) (attieke [Coˆte d’Ivorie]) is a fermented gelatinized, granular starch food product traditionally processed from bitter, poisonous cassava tuber (Manihot utilissima Pohl; M. palmate) (Fig. 1) but rarely from M. esculenta Crantz. Its processing begins with scrubbing the root manually in water to remove mud, then peeling away a top leathery nonstarchy portion with a 12-in.-long sharp kitchen knife, followed by dicing and washing. The clean starchy part is grated (macerated) on a local grater or a pulpingmachine filled into double-layered cloth bags, and placed under a screw press to expel cassava liquor and simultaneously ferment, within 1-5 days.