chapter  2
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Industrialization of Japanese Miso Fermentation

Miso is a semisolid fermented food made from soybeans, rice or barley, and salt (1,2). Similar foods are also produced in other parts of East and Southeast Asia. They are referred to as ‘‘jang’’ in China, ‘‘doenjang’’ in Korea, ‘‘taucho’’ in Indonesia, and ‘‘tao-tsi’’ in the Philipines. Ninety percent or more of miso is used as a soup ingredient in Japan, whereas most misolike products are generally used as seasonings in most Southeast Asian countries. Miso soup is simply prepared by dissolving 1 part of choppedmiso in 10 parts of hot water in which other ingredients such as vegetables, tofu, fried tofu, mushrooms, meat, fish, shellfish, and so forth have been cooked previously.