chapter  9
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Green Revolution And Income Distribution

The phenomenon of the GR was indeed observed in a phenomenal growth of yields of some foodgrains in parts of India, Pakistan, Thailand, parts of South and Central America and the Philippines during the late 1960s and 1970s. Some have argued that such a phenomenon is temporary and the hope for alleviating poverty, malnutrition and famines in LDCs is rather premature. Others have measured the trend lines of growth of some crops in India and Pakistan and expressed doubts about a significant,

Figure 9.1

f'(l) Modern

f(l) Traditional

Cr op


r a

cr e

248 Sectoral development and planning

When the GR comprises biological innovation, more jobs can be created; if the GR implies tractorization, then the capital-labour ratio rises and employment falls. At this stage it may be useful to summarize the nature of the GR as follows (see Ruttan 1977 for a good summary).