chapter  9
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BW experiments on prisoners of war?

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On Tuesday evening, 13 August 1985, British television aired a documentary on General Ishii Shiro and Japanese BW experiments in Manchuria. Broadcast on Independent Television, the program was preceded by a barrage of sensational newspaper accounts of what the program would contain. The London Standard noted that, "Finding out about Unit 731 and the 3000 Chinese, Russian and American prisoners they used sounds like the unravelling of a thriller plot.'" The tabloid Sunday Mirror's page 1 blared that "A shock TV documentary about Japanese experiments on British prisoners of war is to be shown this week .... British POWs were exposed to the ravages of anthrax, typhus and tetanus and often dissected while still ALIVE."2 The Sunday Mail front page headlined its lengthy account with a 2 inch banner: "EXPOSED: LAST HORROR STORY OF THE WAR THE EVIL DOCTORS OF DEATH.,,3 Even the responsible Guardian reported that the documentary producers had sent a copy of the film to Japanese officials in London, and to the British Foreign Office, for preview and comment. It

reported also that "the film claims that British, American and Australian prisoners of war were victims of a series of experiments by Japanese scientists of Unit 73l."4