chapter  15
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The military and the cover-up

Scientists at Detrick spent the summer and fall of 1947 digesting the material submitted by Japanese BW specialists after Fell returned from Tokyo. They were impressed with what they found, and insisted on a follow-up expedition to Japan where they expected to extract additional data. Detrick, in response to the arguments of the scientists, dispatched the facility's Technical Director, Dr Edwin V. Hill, a recognized authority on BW, and its most politically powerful scientist, to the Far East on what was developing rapidly into an extremely delicate and sensitive mission. Dr Hill's formal title was Chief, Basic Sciences at Detrick. He was accompanied on the assignment by Dr Joseph Victor, a Detrick pathologist. I

Hill and Victor were ordered to Japan on 15 October, arriving there on 28 October. Once in the capital, they found everything had been prepared for their investigations. Hill and Victor were treated so well by the occupation authorities that they expressed their gratitude to Major General Charles A. Willoughby, Assistant Chief of Staff of G-2, and a close associate of General MacArthur, for expediting their mission. Willoughby made certain that the Japanese to be interviewed were available when needed. He helped Hill and Victor in many other ways as well.