chapter  12
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Esteban Echeverría was born in Buenos Aires on 2 September 1805, being the second of nine children of José Domingo Echeverría and Martina Espinosa. He began his university studies in Buenos Aires, learning Latin and philosophy, but soon, in 1826, we find him in Paris, dedicating a major part of his time to political science, philosophy, political economy, and law. Towards the end of 1829, he spent a month and a half in London, later to return to Paris to concentrate on his training in politics and economics. It was in this period that he had the opportunity to know the great writers like Montesquieu and contemporary writers such as Sismondi, Lerroux, Lamennais, Saint Simon and other thinkers who were confronting the ideas of the classical liberal doctrine. Fighting poverty, misery, and illness, Echeverría decided to return to his country. In June of 1830 he was back in the Río de la Plata basin.