chapter  9
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The Other Side of the Hill, 17–21 June

Admiral Erich Raeder was summoned to discuss the proposed armistice terms with Hitler on 20 June and was told, in effect, that the most the German Navy could hope for, besides bases in France and in the African colonies, would be minesweeping and local defence forces.4 The invasion of England and a projected occupation of Iceland were also discussed; the former had not been considered by either Hitler or OKW prior to 17 June, ‘due to its extraordinary difficulty’,5 but the SKL had already drawn up an appreciation of the possible landing areas and of the shipping and craft required. The Iceland project had already been opposed by Göring, and Raeder gave his opinion that although such an operation would occupy whatever strength the German Navy could muster it would still be impossible to maintain continuous resupply of a garrison.6