chapter  9
Summary and recommendations
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There are definitely issues to address around the subject of transition from Reception Class to Year One. It is vital to get the right approach, as the fostering of positive dispositions to learning will have a long-term impact on each child. This book has examined some of the issues. However, greater emphasis has been placed on a more positive approach, that is, to view the transition period as chance to reflect and change. The children from the case study examples each had varying experiences of the transition process, and this was partly because of their different needs; this will always be a considerable factor. The other most evident factor was the impact of knowledge and external pressures on the philosophy and practice of the teachers. The number of years experience did not always correlate with confidence or effectiveness. However, those who were better informed about research into how young children learn had stronger convictions and more confidence in their practice. Even for these teachers, there was an overriding factor that could exert a greater influence on their practice: the external pressure of colleagues and line managers.