chapter  63
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Hildegard of Bingen: Letter to Her Nuns (12th c.)

O daughters, who out of your love for charity are following the footsteps of Christ and who for the sake of spiritual improvement have chosen me, poor creature that I am, in humble submissiveness to be your mother, I have something to say to you from my maternal heart, something that doesn't originate with me but comes from godly vision: this spot, the resting place for the earthly remains of the holy confessor Rupert, to whose patronage you have taken refuge, is the site I have recognized according to God's will and with the evidence of miracles as a place for the sacrifice of praise. I came here with the approval of my superiors and with God's aid I have freely taken possession of it for myself and all of those who follow me. After that I went back by God's direction to Disibodenberg, the community I had left with permission, and I presented before all who lived there this proposal-namely, that not only our place of residence, but all the real estate added to it as gifts, should not be attached to them but should be released. But in all of this practical business I had nothing else in mind but the salvation of souls alone and concern for the discipline commanded in our rule.