chapter  9
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Starting Over

The row of taxicabs at the El Paso airport ready to transport passengers to hotels for the lucrative quick-one-day-divorce in the Mexican border town of Juarez, was there waiting exactly as Eliot Lefkowitz had said. Normand Maxon had recommended Eliot Lefkowitz. He was in the firm of Weissberger and Frosch, a high profile theatrical law partnership which listed Elizabeth Taylor on their roster of famous clients. Normand had reasoned quite sensibly with me, “If they can take care of Liz Taylor’s domestic affairs, they certainly can handle yours.” I declined the cigarette offered by the cab driver as he lit one for himself and proceeded to strike up a conversation with me. He knew the lawyer I was going to see. “His office is right across the street from your hotel. Juarez is a fun town. You see the abogado in the morning. You leave tomorrow in the afternoon. Tonight you have some fun. My sister...” “No thank you. Tonight, I need to sleep.”