chapter  14
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Artist Professor

The hour plus drive from Sherman Oaks to the campus of the University of California at Irvine to take my sister-in-law, Tami, to a meeting with a professor in social sciences seemed years ago. At that time she had completed her doctorate and was a professor at the University of Tel Aviv where she was engaged in some special research. Try as she might to explain the contents and ramifications of her studies to me, I was never able to repeat with clarity what she carefully outlined. I had found myself in this scholarly conundrum when I was greeted by a gracious and suprised Janice Plastino. “Donald McKayle, what brings you here to UC Irvine?” “My sister-in-law is visiting from Tel Aviv and has a meeting with one of your professors in the Social Science Tower. I’m actually her conveyance and thought I’d mosey around while I wait, and see what’s going on in dance here.”