chapter  3
List of Persons
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Acland, Antony, PPS to Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, 1972-75

AdalnS, Sir Philip, British Ambassador, Cairo, 1973-75

Agnew, Spiro T, US Vice-President, 1969-73

Aluned, Malunoud SanUr, Minister, Egyptian Embassy, London, 196873

Akins, JaD1es E, US Ambassador, ]edda, 1973-75

Aldington, Lord, Chairman, Grindlays Bank Ltd, 1964-76. Former Government Minister and Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party Organisation

Alexander, Michael O'D B, APS to Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, 1972-74

Ali, Field.Marshal Alunad ISD1ail, Egyptian Defence Minister, 1972-74

Allen, Sir Douglas, Permanent Secretary, Treasury, 1968-74

Alsop, Stewart, US political columnist

Altes, Frederik Korthals, Netherlands Permanent Representative to the EC

Ameen, Mike M, ARAMCO Vice-President responsible for relations with the Saudi-Arabian Government and Service Director, Washington, 1972-75

AJnery, Julian, Minister of State, FCO, 1972-74

Andersen, Knud Berge, Danish Foreign Minister, 1971-73

Andronikof, Constantin, interpreter, French Foreign Ministry

Annenberg, WaIter H, US Ambassador, London, 1969-75

Anson, John, Under-Secretary, Cabinet Office, 1972-74

Apel, Hans E, Parliamentary Secretary of State, Federal German Foreign Ministry, 1972-74

Archer, Grahan1 R, First Secretary, NAD, 1972-75

Arculus, Ronald, Head of STD, 1970-73; Minister (Economic), British Embassy, Paris, 1973-77

Armstrong, Robert T, PPS to the Prime Minister, 1970-75

Arnaud, Claude, Deputy Political Director, French Foreign Ministry, 1972-75

Atherton, Alfred Leroy, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, 197074; Assistant Secretary of State, 1974-79

Bahr, Egon, Minister without Portfolio attached to the Federal German Chancellor's Office, 1972-77

Bailey~ Alan, PPS to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1971-73

Baker, Stephen, Coordinator of Industrial Advisers to the Departments of Trade and Industry, 1974-78

Balfour-Paul, Hugh G, British Ambassador, Amman, 1972-75

Balladur, Edouard, Assistant Secretary-General to the French Presidency, 1969-74; Secretary-General, 1974

Balniel Lord, Minister of State, FCO, 1972-74

Barber, Anthony, Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1970-74

The of

Barnes, ErnestJ W, British Ambassador, The Hague, 1972-77

Barratt, Francis R, Deputy Secretary, Treasury, 1973-82

Bayne, Nicholas P, First Secretary, FCO, 1972-74

Bayiilken, Unlit H, Turkish Foreign Minister, 1971-74

Beith, Sir John, British Ambassador to Belgium, 1969-74

Bennett, Jack Franklin, Deputy Under-Secretary for Monetary Affairs, US Treasury Department, 1971-74

Bennsky, George M, Director, Office of Fuels and Energy, US State Department, 1973-74

Bergold, Harry E, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, 1973-76

Bernard, Daniel, Deputy Secretary-General, French Foreign Ministry, 1971-75

Bettencourt, Andre, Minister attached to the French Foreign Ministry, 1972-73

Bhutto, Zulfikar Ali, Pakistani Prime Minister, 1973-77

Bierring, Ole, Political Director, Danish Foreign Ministry, 1972-76

Blancard, Jean R E, French Secretary for Energy, 1973-75, G, Minister for Industry, DTI, 1972-74

BoeDl.cke, Eberhard, Federal Representative to the EC

Boker, A1dfons, Minister-Counsellor, Federal German Embassy, London, 1970 - 75

Boidevaix, Serge, Director of the Cabinet of the French Foreign Minister, 1973-74

BODl.bassei Frascani de Vettor, Giorgio, Italian Permanent Representative to the EC, 1967-76

Borga, Giuseppe M, Counsellor, Italian Embassy, London, 1973-78

BOUDledienne, Houari, Algerian President, 1965-78

Brand, Robert A, Minister, US Embassy, London, 1971-74

Brandon, Henry, British journalist; Washington Correspondent and Chief American Correspondent, The Sunday Times, 1950-83

Brandt, Willy, Federal German Chancellor, 1969-74

Brant, Colin T, Counsellor (Energy), British Embassy Washington, 197378

Bretherton, R, Principal, DTI, 1970-74

Brezhnev, Leonid I, General Secretary (formerly First Secretary) of CPSU, 1964-82

Bridges, Lord, PS (Overseas Affairs) to the Prime Minister, 1972-75

BriD1elow, Sir ThoD1as, DUS, FCO, 1969-73; PUS, FCO, 1973-75

Brown, L Dean, US Ambassador, Amman, 1970-73

Brown, Sir Max, Secretary (Trade), DTI, 1970-74

Brown, Weir M, US Acting Permanent Representative to OECD, Paris, 1972-74

Brunet, Jean-Pierre, Director of Economic and Financial Affairs, French Foreign Ministry, 1966-73

Brunner, Guido, Head of Planning Staff, Federal German Foreign Ministry, 1972-74

Buckley, L, US Senator (Republican, New York), 1971-77

Bunker, Ellsworth, US Ambassador-at-Large, 1973-77

Burin des Roziers, Etienne, French Permanent Representative to the EC, 1972-75

The of

Burke, Jallles A, US Congressman (Democrat, Massachusetts), 1963-79

Burns, Arthur F, Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Board, 1970-78

Busch, Rolf, Norwegian Permanent Representative to NATO, 1971-77

Butler, F E Robin, PS (Parliamentary Affairs) to the Prime Minister, 1972-74 and 1974-75

Cable, JaIIles E, Head of Planning Staff, FCO, 1971-75

Caines, John, PPS to the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, 1972-74

Callaghan, LJallles, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, 1974-76

CaIIlpbell, Alan, AUS, FCO, 1972-74

CaIIlpbell, Gordon, Secretary of State for Scotland, 1970-74

Carlisle, Brian A, Regional Coordinator, Middle East, and Director, Shell International Petroleum, 1970-74

Carr, Robert, Home Secretary, 1972-74

Carraud, Pierre, French Deputy Permanent Representative to NATO. 1972-75

Carrington, Lord, Secretary of State for Defence, 1970-74; Secretary of State for Energy, 1974

Carver, Field Marshal Sir Michael, Chief of the General Staff, 197173; Chief of the Defence Staff, 1973-76

Casey, Willialll J, US Under-Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, 1972-74

Catalano di Melilli, Felice, Italian Permanent Representative to NATO, 1970-79

Chabners, George B, Head of Oil Department, FCO, 1971-73; Head of SAD, 1973-75

Chandler, Geoffrey, Director, Shell International Petroleum Company, 1971-78

Cheysson, Claude, EC Commissioner for Development Aid, 1973-81

Chivers, Christopher J A, APS to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1971-73; Principal, Overseas Finance Group, Treasury, 1973-76

Chorafas, Anghelos, Greek Permanent Representative to NATO, 197274

Coles, AJohn, PS to Lord Balniel, 1972-74

CoUey, George Joseph, Minister of Finance, Republic of Ireland, 197073

Conunines de Marsilly, Guy de, Director for the Levant/North Mrica, French Foreign Ministry, 1972-75

Connally, John, US Treasury Secretary, 1971-72; Adviser to the US President, ]une-July, 1973

Cortazzi, H A Hugh, Minister (Commercial), British Embassy, Washington, 1972-75

Cottrell, Sir Alan, Chief Scientific Adviser to HMG, 1971-74

Courcel, Geoffroy Chodron de, Secretary-General, French Foreign Ministry, 1973-76

Cox, Archibald, US Prosecutor in the Watergate Investigation, 1973

Cradock, Percy, Under-Secretary, Cabinet Office, 1971-75

The of

Cranston, Alan, US Senator (Democrat, California), 1968-91

CroDler, Lord (Rowley), British Ambassador, Washington, 1971-74

Crowe, Brian L, First Secretary British Embassy, Washington, 1968-73; First Secretary, British Embassy, Bonn, 1973-76

Crowe, Sir Colin, UK Permanent Representative to the UN, New York, 1970 -73

Cubbon, Brian, Deputy Secretary, Cabinet Office, 1972-75

Custis, Ronald A, PS to Secretary of State for Energy, 1974-75

Cuvillier, Philippe, Minister-Counsellor, French Embassy, London, 1973-75

Daniel, E Clifton, Head of the Washington Bureau, New York Times

Davidson, Alan E, Head of Defence Department, FCO, 1972-73

Davies, John E H, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, 1972-74

Davignon, Etienne, VicoDlte, Political Director, Belgian Foreign Ministry, 1969-76

Dean, John W, Counsel to the US President, 1970-73

Debre, Michel, French Foreign Minister, 1968-69; Defence Minister, 1969-73

DeDDlan, G Roy, Deputy Secretary, DTI, 1970-74

De PalDla, SaDluel, US Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs, 1969-73

De Winton, Michael Geoffrey, Assistant Solicitor, Law Officers Department, 1969-74

Dobrynin, Anatoly F, Soviet Ambassador, Washington, 1962-86

Donaldson, Willialll H, US Under-Secretary of State for Security Assistance, 1973-74

Dondelinger, Jean, Luxembourg Permanent Representative to the EC

Ducci, Roberto, Director-General for Political Affairs, Italian Foreign Ministry, 1970-75

Dufourq, Bertrand, Deputy Director for Western Europe, French Foreign Ministry, 1972-76

Dyvig, Peter, First Secretary, Danish Foreign Ministry, 1969-74

Eagleburger, Lawrence Sidney, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, 1971-72; Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense, 1973; Executive Assistant to the Secretary of Defense, 1973-77; Deputy Assistant to the US President for National Security Operations, 1973

Eban, Abba, Israeli Foreign Minister, 1966-74

Ebel, Robert E, official, Office of Oil and Gas, US Department of the Interior, 1966-74

Eberle, Willialll D, US Government Special Representative for Trade Negotiations, 1971-74

Edgar, Willialll H, Second (later First) Secretary, US Embassy, London, 1972-75

Eekelen, Willelll van, Director for NATO affairs, Netherlands Foreign Ministry, 1971-77

The of

Egerton, Stephen L, First Secretary, British Embassy, Tripoli, 1972-73; Head of Energy Department, FCO, 1973-77

Ehrliclunan, John D, Assistant to the US President for Domestic Affairs, 1969-73

Eilts, HerJnann F, US Ambassador, Cairo, 1973-79

Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 1952-

Ellingworth, Richard H, Counsellor, British Embassy, Tehran, 1972-75

Elliott, Mark, PS/PUS, FCO, 1973-74

Ellis-Rees, Hugh F, Assistant Secretary, Cabinet Office, 1972-74

Ellsworth, Robert F, US Permanent Representative to NATO, 1969-71; Assistant Secretary for International Security Affairs, US Defense Department, 1974-75

Elslande, Renaat van, Belgian Foreign Minister, 1973-77

Ennals, David H, Minister of State, FCO, 1974-76

Eralp, Orhan, Turkish Permanent Representative to NATO, 1972-76

Ersboell, Niels, Danish Permanent Representative to the EC

Ervin, SaJnuel J, US Senator (Democrat, N. Carolina), 1954-74; Chairman, Senate Watergate Committee, 1973

Evans, D, Assistant Secretary, Cabinet Office

Evans, Sir Vincent, Legal Adviser, FCO, 1968-76

Ewart-Biggs, Christopher T E, Minister, British Embassy, Paris, 197176

Faber, Richard S, Counsellor, British Embassy, The Hague, 1969-73; Counsellor British Embassy, Cairo, 1973-75

Fahd ibn Abdul Aziz, Prince, Saudi Arabian Minister of the Interior, 1962-75; Second Deputy Prime Minister, 1967-75. Succeeded his brother, Khalid, as King, 1982

FahD1.Y, ISD1.ail, Egyptian Ambassador, Bonn, 1972-73; Minister of Tourism, April-October 1973; Foreign Minister, 1973-77

Fargue, Jean, Second (later First) Secretary, French Embassy, London, 1972-75

Feisel (Faisal) bin Abdul Aziz, King of Saudi Arabia, 1964-75

Fenn, Nicholas M, Assistant Head, Science and Technology Department, FCO, 1972-74

Fenton, Roy Pentelow, Chief, Overseas Department, Bank of England, 1965-75

FitzGerald, Garet, Republic of Ireland Foreign Minister, 1973-77

FitzHerbert, Giles H, First Secretary, FCO, 1966-1975

Flanigan, Peter M, Assistant to the US President, 1970-74

Fogarty, Christopher W, Deputy Secretary, Treasury, 1972-76

Ford, Gerald R, US Vice-President, 1973-74; President, 1974-77

Forrester, Mark F, PS to the Prime Minister, 1971-75

Frank, Paul, State-Secretary, Federal German Foreign Ministry, 1970-74

Fretwell, Major John E, Counsellor (Commercial), British Embassy, Warsaw,1971-73; Head of TRED, May-August, 1973; Head of EID (1),197376

Freyche, Michel, Technical Counsellor in the General Secretariat of the French President, 1973-74

FriedD1.ann, Jacques H, Chief Executive Secretary to the French Prime Minister, 1972-74

Frydenlund, Knut, Norwegian Foreign Minister, 1973-81

Fulbright, W, US Senator (Democrat, Arkansas), 1945-74; Chairman, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, 1959-74

Gaja, Roberto, Secretary-General, Italian Foreign Ministry, 1969-75

The of

Galley, Robert, French Minister of Transport, 1972-73; Minister of the Armed Forces, 1973-74

Galloway, Willialtl J, First Secretary and Counsellor, US Embassy, London, 1965-74

Ghorbal, Ashraf, Egyptian Ambassador, Washington, 1973-84

Giffard, C Sydney, Counsellor, Consul-General and Head of Chancery, British Embassy, Tel Aviv, 1972-75

Giscard d'Estaing, Valery, French Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, 1969-74

Goldsclunidt, Bertrand, Director of International Relations, French Commissariat for Atomic Energy, 1970-77

Goldwater, Barry M, US Senator (Republican, Arizona), 1952-64 and 1969-87

Goodenough, Anthony M, PS to Baroness Tweedsmuir, 1972-74

Gore-Booth, David A, First Secretary, NENAD, 1971-74

Goulding, Marrack I, PS to Julian Amery, 1972-74

Grahaltl, John A N, Counsellor and Head of Chancery, British Embassy, Washington, 1972-74

Grattan, Patrick H, APS to Secretary of State, 1971-74; First Secretary, FCO, 1974-76

Greenwald, Joseph A, US Ambassador to the EC, Brussels, 1972-75

Groll'lyko, Andrei A, Soviet Foreign Minister, 1957-85

Guinness, John R S, First Secretary, FCO, seconded to CPRS, 1972-75

Haekkerup, Per, Danish Minister of Economic Affairs, 1971-73

Haferkall'lp, Wilhehn, Vice-President, EC Commission, 1973-84

Haig, Gen Alexander M, Chief of Staff to the US President, 1973-74

Haldell'lan, Harry Robbins (Bob), Chief of Staff to the US President, 1969-73

Hall, DavidJ, Second (later First) Secretary, FCO, 1970-74

Hankey, Henry A A, AUS, FCO, 1969-74

Harding, Peter T, Assistant Secretary, DTI, 1973-74

Harris, Anthony D, First Secretary, FCO, 1972-75

Hartke, Vance, US Senator (Democrat, Indiana), 1959-77

Hartll'lan, Arthur A, Deputy Chief of Mission and Minister-Counsellor, US Mission to the EC, Brussels, 1972-74

Hase, Karl-Gunther von, Federal German Ambassador, London, 197077

Hayll'lan, Sir Peter, British High Commissioner, Ottawa, 1970-74

Healey, Denis W, Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1974-79

The of

Henderson, Sir Nicholas, British Ambassador, Bonn, 1972-75

Heseltine, Michael, Minister for Aerospace and Shipping, DTI, 1972-74

Hibbert, Reginald, British Minister, Bonn, 1972-75

Hilal, Aluned Izzedin, Egyptian Minister of Petroleum, 1973-84

Hill, Robert C, Assistant Secretary for ISA, US Department of Defense, 1973-74

Hillenbrand, Martinj, US Ambassador, Bonn, 1972-76 Hockaday, Arthur P, Under-Secretary, Cabinet Office, 1972-73; Deputy Under-Secretary of State, MoD, 1973-76

Hwnphrey, Hubert H, US Senator (Democrat, Minnesota), 1971-78

Hunt, Sir john, Second Permanent Secretary, Cabinet Office, 1972-73; Secretary of the Cabinet, 1973-79

Hunt, Rex M, First Secretary, FCO, 1972-74

ISlllail, General Mohallled Hafiz, adviser to the Egyptian President on National Security, 1971-74

jackson, Henry M, US Senator (Democrat, Washington), 1953-83 Jackson, John E, Head of Defence Department, FCO, 1973-75

jallles, Alan G, First Secretary (later Counsellor), US Embassy, London, 1968-75

Jantieson, Kenneth D, Minister, UKMIS, New York, 1970-74

Jarring, Gunnar, UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy on the Middle Eastern situation, 1967-90

Javits, Jacob K, US Senator (Republican, New York), 1957-80

Jellicoe, Earl, Lord Privy Seal, 1970-73

Jobert, Michel, French Foreign Minister, 1973-74

Jorgensen, Anke, Danish Prime Minister, 1972-73

Joseph, Sir Keith, Secretary of State for Social Services, 1970-74

Katz, Julius L, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Resources and Food Policy, US State Department, 1968-74

Kauwan, Robert E, Energy Attache (from 1975 First Secretary), US Embassy, London, 1972-77

Kedah, Zvi, Minister, Israeli Embassy, London, 1973-77

Kennedy, David M, US Permanent Representative to NATO, 1972-73

Kennedy, Edward M, US Senator (Democrat, Massachusetts), 1962-

Killick, Sir John, British Ambassador, Moscow, 1971-73; DUS, FCO, 1973-75

Kirk, Peter M, MP (Conservative, Saffron Walden), 1965-77; Leader of the Conservative Delegation to the European. Parliament, 1973-77

The of

Kissinger, Henry A, Special Assistant to the US President for National Security Affairs, 1969-75; US Secretary of State, 1973-77

Krapf, Franz, Federal German Permanent Representative to NATO, 1971-76

Kuznetsov, Vasiliy V, Soviet First Deputy Foreign Minister, 1955-77

Laird, Melvin R, US Secretary of Defense, 1969-73; Counsellor to the US President for Domestic Affairs, 1973-74

Lardinois, Petrus Josephus, EC Agricultural Commissioner, 1973-76

Lavelle, Roger G, Assistant Secretary, Treasury, 1968-75

Le Bailly, Vice-Adtn Sir Louis, Director-General of Intelligence, MoD, 1972-75

Lebsanft, Ulrich, Federal German Permanent Representative to the EC

Ledwidge, W BernardJ, British Ambassador, Tel Aviv, 1972-75

Lee, H S, Assistant Secretary, Treasury

Levy, Walter J, international oil consultant; Consultant to the US State Department, Office of Under-Secretary and Assistant Secretaries, 1960-80

Ligon, Duke, Director, Office of Oil and Gas, US Department of the Interior, 1973-74

Livertnan, John Gordon, Deputy Secretary, DTI, 1972-74

Livingston, Robert Gerald, NSC staff member, 1972-73

LloydJones, Richard A, Assistant Secretary, MoD, 1970-74

Lobdell, Brig Gen Harrison, Director, European Division, Office of the US Assistant Secretary of Defense (ISA), 1971-74

Lockton, Guy Patrick, Second Secretary, FCO, 1971-75

Long, Russell B, US Senator (Democrat, Louisiana), 1948-86; Chairman, Senate Finance Committee, 1966-81

Louis, Victor, Moscow correspondent of TIe Evening News

Love, John A, Governor of Colorado, 1963-73; Head of the US Energy Policy Office, June-December 1973

Lunkov, Nikolai M, Soviet Ambassador, London, 1973-80

Lynden, Baron Diederic Wolter van, Director-General for Political Affairs, Netherlands Foreign Ministry, 1970-74

McCloskey, Robert J, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Special Assistant for Press Relations, 1968-73; US Ambassador, Nicosia, 1973-74

McFadzean, Francis S (Frank), Managing Director of Royal Dutch Shell Group of Companies, 1964-76

MacInnes, Keith G, First Secretary, FCO, 1970-74

McIntyre, Sir Laurence, Australian Permanent Representative to the UN, 1970-75

MacLennan, David R, First Secretary, FCO, 1972-75

Macnllllan, Maurice, Secretary of State for Employment, 1972-73; Paymaster General, 1973-74

McNally, TOlD, Political Adviser to Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary, 1974-76

McNalDara, Robert S, US Secretary of Defense, 1961-68; President of International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 1968-81

The of

Maitland, Donald J D, on secondment to Prime Minister's Office, 197073; UK Permanent Representative to the UN, New York, 1973-74

Malagodi, Giovanni Francesco, Italian Treasury Minister, 1972-73

Mahngren, Harald B (Hal), US Deputy Trade Representative, 1972-74

Mansfield, Michael J, US Senator (Democrat, Montana), 1952-76; Senate Leader, 1961-76

Margerie, Enunanuel Jacquin de, Director of European Department, French Foreign Ministry, 1972-74

MarnhaDl., John E, British Ambassador, Tunis, 1973-76

Marshall, Charles J, Canadian Deputy Permanent Representative to NATO, 1971-74

Marshall, Sir Robert, Secretary (Industry), DTI, 1970-73; Second Permanent Secretary, Department of Education, 1973-78

Mason, Sir Frederick, UK Permanent Representative to the Office of the UN and other International Organisations, Geneva, 1971-73

Medici, Giuseppe, Italian Foreign Minister, 1972-73

Meir, Golda, Israeli Prime Minister, 1969-74

Menzies, Arthur R, Canadian Permanent Representative to NATO, 1972-76, Pierre AJ, French Prime Minister, 1972-74

Meulen, Jozeph B M van der, Belgian Permanent Representative to the EC, 1959-79

Mills, Wilbur D, US Congressman (Democrat, Arkansas), 1939-77; Chairman of House Ways and Means Committee, 1958-74

Mitchell, DerekJack, Second Permanent Secretary, Treasury, 1973-77

Moberly, john C, Counsellor, British Embassy, Washington, 1969-75 Mohanuned Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran, 1941-79

Monnet, jean, Chairman of the Action Committee for a United States of Europe, 1956-75

Moro, Aldo, Italian Foreign Minister, 1973-74

Moss, Davidj, First Secretary, FCO, 1970-74 Mountfield, P, Assistant Secretary, Treasury

Moussadeq, MohhaDl.ed, Iranian Prime Minister, 1951-53

Muhiuddin, Zakaria, Egyptian Prime Minister, 1965-66

Muir, Richardj S, Second Secretary, FCO, 1973-74 Mutnford, WilliaDl. F, Assistant Secretary, MoD, 1967-73; PPS to the Defence Secretary, 1973-74

Muskie, EdDl.und S, US Senator (Democrat, Maine), 1959-80

Myerson, jacob M, Deputy Chief and Minister Counsellor, US Mission to the EC, Brussels, 1970-75

Nairne Patrick D, DUS, MoD, 1970-73; Second Permanent Secretary, Cabinet Office, 1973-75

Nanteuil, Luc de la Barre de, Director for Economic Affairs, French Foreign Ministry, 1970-76

Nash, Kenneth T, AUS (Defence StafI), MoD, 1972-74

Nazer (Nazir), HishaDl., President, Saudi Arabian Central Organisation for Planning

Neale, Sir Alan, Permanent Secretary, MAFF, 1973-78

The of

Nelissen, Roelofj, Netherlands Minister of Finance, 1971-73 Nixon, Richard M, US President, 1969-74

Norbury, Brian M, PS to the Secretary of the Cabinet, 1970-73; Assistant Secretary, MoD, 1973-79

Norgaard, Ivar, Danish Minister for Foreign Economic Affairs and Nordic Relations, 1971-73

Oldenburg, Troels V A, Assistant Under-Secretary for Political Affairs, Danish Foreign Ministry, 1968-74

O'Neill, RobertjaJnes, Assistant Secretary, Cabinet office, 1972-75 Ortoli, Francois-Xavier, President of the EC Commission, 1973-76

Owen, john Glendwr, Under-Secretary, Treasury, 1959-73 PakenhaJn, Michael A, PS to the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, 1971; on secondment to the Cabinet Office, 1972; First Secretary, FCO, 1972-74.