chapter  1
A historical view of technology in schools
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In the history of human development, numerous technologies have been invented and put into use; many of them have been introduced into classrooms since the first schools were built, from chalk and blackboard in the early days to film, TV, and the computers of recent years. While some of them survived the competition and selection, most technologies disappeared soon after their invention or introduction. Is

ubiquitous computing just another fad that will soon fade away, or is it here to stay and therefore worth investing in? To better understand the nature of technology adoption in schools, we need to examine contemporary technology integration from a historical view. In this chapter, we first review the evolution of technology from innovations to appliances and the implication for school technology adoption. We then discuss the major trends of the development of information and communication technologies, examine the adoption of technology in schools, and finally return to the questions of whether or not ubiquitous computing in schools is a good idea and what schools can do with it.