chapter  3
Conditions for laptop use in schools
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In some significant way, we all share the wish expressed by an 11-yearold in response to the U.K.-based BBC “Tell us your technology idea for the future” campaign. We have long wished for a computer or any machine that would do the education job and cure all education ills. We have bought many machines and put them into classrooms and waited for miracles to happen. To our disappointment, miracles have not come as expected. We can, of course, blame technology for not being “helpful at all,” as did a parent and board member at T. C. Williams High School, Virginia, which started a laptop project in 2004. But what could have happened is that the technology was never used; a student from the same school reported that his laptop “was pretty much under my bed all last year, except for one time a quarter, when it was mandatory” (Bahrampour, 2006). If it is not being used, how can it be helpful?