chapter  7
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Observations and conclusions

First and foremost, in the world of strategic affairs, culture matters immensely. Second, there exists a confluent relationship between culture and technology, with each influencing the other in substantive and meaningful ways. That relationship – which is intrinsic, relative, and inherently unquantifiable – further extends to strategic phenomena. In this sense, the strategic decisions, actions, and behaviour of security communities are found to be more or less shaped by the strategic cultural context in which those communities operate. As one dimension of culture and strategic phenomena, technology – its development, diffusion, and military application – is an important aspect of the manifestation and resolution of those strategic dilemmas that involve the military instrument of communal power. That said, it is worth underscoring that technology is but one dimension of military strategic behaviour; there are myriad others that act alone and in tandem to influence strategic choice and action.