chapter  100
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The standards emphasize creating personal ownership of an organization’s goals by using the experience and knowledge of qualified and trained personnel with identified authority and responsibility to continuously work toward process improvement. A system should be established for the identification of internal and external customers and suppliers of processes. Process activities should be focused to adequately use the personnel, materials, machines, and methods to demonstrate control. All processes within a system should be identified and aligned for their interdependency with measurable organization goals and objectives. Continuous improvement should be ensured with realistic and challenging goals, and adequate resources should be provided to meet the company’s needs in terms of people and equipment to accomplish customer requirements. Continual improvement should be ensured through management services, internal/external audits, and corrective and preventive actions. The analysis of data and information such as customer complaints, nonconforming products, and audits should be conducted on continuous basis to enhance productivity and minimize waste rework and rejections. Cost improvement projects should be implemented.