chapter  9
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Developing SCM Technology Strategies: Creating the Game Plan for the Successful Implementation of SCM Technologies

At the heart of the supply chain management concept can be found the continuous unfolding of a variety of dynamic organizational, technology, and business channel collaborative strategies. Unlike the corporate strategies of the past, which focused narrowly on internal budgets and detailed metrics regarding the performance of company-centric market segments, products, and processes, the concept of supply chain management requires companies to rethink the very nature of their critical success factors and the way they do business in the supply chain in light of the tremendous opportunities brought about by the merger of the competitive power of today’s networked ecosystems and Internet-based technologies. Progressive companies of the second decade of the twenty-first century seek to utilize the Web to drive new business models and attain levels of competitive advantage that consistently and continuously achieve order-of-magnitude breakthroughs in the creation of the products and services customers really want by leveraging the capabilities

found anywhere in the supply network to engineer seamless value chains capable of satisfying customers with any solution, at any time.