chapter  3
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- Stage 2—Focusing: Establishing the Ship’s Routine

Focusing begins once there is a widespread clear understanding and acceptance of the organizational vision among the entire team. To transform this understanding of the vision into effective execution of the mission now requires the development of systems, assignment of roles and responsibilities among the crew, and the development of objectives and goals through the establishing of detailed action plans. Figure 3.1 graphically represents the building of the Organizational Development logic model showing the transition from Forming to Focusing. You will know that the organization is focusing well when you see a rising tide of optimism and individuals begin taking accountability for their roles and responsibilities. In contrast, if you observe confusion, reluctance, cynicism, or anger leading to conflicts and pushing back, the organization is not focusing-it is stumbling. The crew hasn’t formed well. What is lacking must be addressed in order to gain their commitment and move toward a higher level of group commitment and performance. Table 3.1 summarizes the indicators of focusing well as compared to stumbling if the change initiative is faltering.