chapter  5
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Port Facility Security as a Management Function

As illustrated in Figure 5.1, port operations may present complex questions and concerns for security planners and managers. In this instance, shrink-wrapped, breakbulk cargo is being staged on this port’s wharf prior to vessel loading. In many ports, cargo terminal operators lease facilities and/or equipment from the port administration. Has the terminal operator implemented the recommended and required security precautions with respect to the staging of this cargo? What is under the shrink-wrap? Is the port’s FSO working with cargo terminal managers to ensure that all government regulations related to securing this cargo are being followed? Have the security risks to the port been assessed with respect to the staging of this cargo? Developing an understanding of the risks and planning security in a port facility entails consideration of three essential management issues: 1. How can the security organization engage the cooperation of the port’s internal

and external clients and stakeholders to effect protection of the port facility? 2. How can port security management identify and develop problem-solving

strategies and plans to address the risks of terrorism, general criminal activity, and threats to safety in the port?