chapter  6
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Facility and Personnel Security

The Port FSO is the point person for planning and managing the security function. Although the Port FSO can be the port’s chief security officer, it may be wise for port management to consider these as two separate positions. The reason is that the Port FSO will be required to have a ground-level view of the daily operations of the port, but the security chief ’s time may be constrained with administrative tasks not necessarily related to security planning and implementation. In multiuse ports, such as those that have both cargo and passenger operations and mixed-use complexes with significant nonmaritime, public, or commercial activities, government authorities with security oversight responsibilities will seek regular access to the Port FSO to mitigate conflicts and address security concerns. The U.S. Coast Guard, and similar agencies in other countries, may review the Port FSP to ensure that the Port FSO has a close enough relationship with port operations and decision-making abilities to address concerns on a continuing basis.