chapter  6
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6Chapter Energy Medicine: Cutting Edge Modalities

In the previous chapters, we proceeded from learning about the wondrous, if not enigmatic, integration of the body’s internal systems. In Chapter 10 we will learn about the profound role that the pineal gland plays in the conversion of external energy into the chemical or electrical energy of our internal physiology. These measurable paradigms are part of what has been called the human energy field. It is experienced by the body via hormones and peptides, but it interacts with other ambient fields, such as light, sound, electricity, and that of all living organisms. Research shows that our bodies are absorptive, reflective, and generative of informational energy fields. We absorb light and heat from the sun, but we also produce our own internal energy fields. Electromagnetic forces are evidenced both in Earth’s atmosphere and in the binding of a discrete hormone to its appropriate receptor. Both internal and external aspects of our existence are part of the human energy field. In pondering this phenomenon, you will eventually recognize that the integration of complex systems that exist within your body is a reflection of the integration that exists between the body and all that is outside itself.