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Experiment 15. Basics of Photography

Aberration — An optical defect in a lens. Acetate — Cellulose acetate film base, which supports film emulsion. Aperture — Lens opening or f-stop, which regulates the amount of light entering a camera. Bellows — Adjustable tube or chamber that connects the lens to the camera body. Cable release — A flexible wire capable of activating a shutter when depressed. Cleaning agent — Solution that reduces the washing time by chemically neutralizing fixing agents. Contact print — A negative is placed on photographic paper and controlled light passes through the nega-

tive, producing an image of the same size on the paper. Depth of field — The distance between the nearest and farthest objects in sharp focus in a photograph. Emulsion — A thin gelatin coating containing light-sensitive silver salts which is placed on film or paper.