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Experiment 29. Forensic Anthropology 1: Basic Human Osteology

Anterior — In front of or before. Anthropology — The study of humans and their cultures. Archeology — The study of past human civilizations. Artifact — Any person-made object. Carpus — The eight carpal bones of the wrist. Cervical — The neck region. Clavicle — Collarbone. Coccyx — Tailbone. Costal — Pertaining to a rib. Cranium — The portion of the skull that encloses the brain. Dentition — The type, number, and arrangement of teeth in the dental arch. Digit — A finger or toe. DNA — Deoxyribonucleic acid. Entomology — The study of insects. Femur — Thigh bone. Fibula — The smaller of the two lower leg bones. Humerus — Upper arm bone. Hyoid bone — Horseshoe-shaped bone lying at the base of the tongue. Ilium — One of the three bones that make up the hip bone. Ischium — Lower portion of the hip bone. Lumbar — The lower back between the thorax and pelvis. Mandible — Lower jaw. Maxilla — Upper jaw. Medial — Toward the middle. Medicolegal — Related to medical jurisprudence or forensic medicine. Metacarpal — A bone of the hand. Metatarsal — A bone of the forefoot. Morphology — The science of structure and form without regard to function. Nasal — Pertaining to the nose. Occipital bone — Bone in the back part of the skull. Odontologist — A dentist or dental surgeon. Orbit — The cavity that contains the eyeball. Osteology — The science of the structure and function of bone. Osteomyelitis — Infection in bone. Parietal bone — One of the two bones that together form the roof and sides of the skull. Pathology — The study of the nature and causes of disease. Pelvic opening — Upper pelvic entrance. Pelvis — The bony structure formed by the hip bones, sacrum, and coccyx. Phalanges — Finger or toe bones. Posterior — Toward the rear. Postmortem — After death. Proximal — Nearest the point of attachment to the body. Pubis — Anterior part of the hip bone. Radius — The outer and shorter forearm bone. Sacrum — The triangular bone at the base of the spine, normally made up of five fused vertebra.