chapter  5
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During the 5-minute break, Daniel had a quick discussion with Thomas. Daniel had, by chance, heard that there was a project under way to lay off several workers, and he wanted to verify the information. He commented: “You certainly remember the discussion we had before launching Standardized Work implementation. I cautioned that everyone must be on board, workers first. No operator should think that he or she might lose his or her job as a result of improvements. Look, fundamentally, I have nothing against cutting workforce when it is necessary, but if it needs to be done, it has to be done plainly and at the beginning. Afterward, a commitment should be made to the remaining workers to keep their jobs safe.” Thomas denied the rumors: “I have given them my word that no one will be fired.” He admitted that there was actually a plan in the works but not layoffs. He promised to give more information to Daniel later. He also added that he ought to communicate quickly on the point to avoid those rumors becoming a distraction at the very moment he needed his entire staff to be focused on Standardized Work implementation. The break was now over, and Daniel had to carry on with the training.