chapter  3
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^#.^t3: Designing the Product

The primary focus of product development should be to develop products, not the project management concerns that typically dominate product development efforts, with:

• Early deadlines, which usually discourage thorough up-front work • Cost “targets,” which can lead to much trouble if teams don’t know

how to meet the targets or if all costs are not included in the measured target

• Development budgets, which rarely include the costs of changes and firefighting downstream; further, budget pressures can encourage releasing unfinished or suboptimized designs to manufacturing

• Time-to-market, which is usually defined as the “release” (which encourages throwing designs over the wall “on time”) or as “firstcustomer-ship,” when the first unit that works gets shipped

If the actual product development is done right, it will naturally optimize the deadlines, total cost, development budget, and time to stable production.