chapter  9
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Leadership in Innovation

Implementing innovation as a strategic venture for the organization requires supportive leader ship. A supportive leader is one who not only ensures continued support both financially and strategically, but also ensures the availability of resources throughout the life of the project. The previous sentence appears easy to accomplish but, in reality, it has become a stumbling block for sustained innovation throughout the organization; because of changing priorities, competitive pressures, and a desire for cost efficiency, support from leader ship could dissolve if conditions warrant a drastic change. A reality of this sector is that innovation is more relational in nature, and more open to power relationships and interests (Van Wijngaarden, et al. 2012). Support from leader ship can often turn on a dime. Given these dynamic conditions, leader ship of innovation is necessary to sort out the vision and embrace the priorities. This chapter describes the characteristics, strategy, and personal commitment needed for sustained success.