chapter  9
Snags, Traps, and Black Holes
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Experience has shown that many enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects just are not successful. This chapter addresses how to convert potential failure attributes into critical success factors (CSFs). It explores such topics as follows:

◾ GO/NO GO voting decision-Looking at the technical review and recommendations, functional review and recommendations, open issues, cutover plan, transition to production strategy, and other criteria for successful cutover

◾ How to tell when the project is going off the rails ◾ How to decide and prioritize what aspects of the system need tuning

We have spent considerable effort in laying the groundwork and guidelines for a successful ERP implementation project. During the journey, we have offered cameos and various snippets that described deviations from the prescribed process and their ramifications. At this point, I reiterate that an ERP implementation project is typically different from other company projects in the following ways:

◾ ERP implementation projects are seldom undertaken. Attempting to model what was done right and lessons learned from the last ERP implementation is valuable, but not necessarily helpful inasmuch as the rules change so substantially with every subsequent effort.