chapter  3
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Consultative Selling Framework (CSF) Building Blocks

Today, the global atmosphere favors organizations that have proven specialized skills when it comes to introducing new services or products within their organization. Such organizations are continually introducing high technology systems and services that give them a competitive edge. Because of heavy competition, and with a view to having a greater market share, these organizations offer the services for which they are best suited instead of trying to experiment in new areas where they do not have expertise so that they do not lose a competitive edge. They keep up-to-date on new technology and processes in order to maintain a gap between themselves and their competitors because no company, however friendly or collaborative, likes to lag behind in state-of-the-art technology or processes. However, processes and technologies do not create a distinction between developed and developing organizations or make an organization unique. By their very nature, processes are beneficial to organizations for socioeconomic development and the leading organizations try to obtain the best of these.