chapter  Chapter 11
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Agreement-Based Advertising Technologies

WithLiu Peng, Wang Chao

The key feature of agreement-based advertising is that the price and quantity of ad serving are agreed by both parties through negotiation. This chapter focuses on the problem of online allocation, that is, under the constraint of display quantity, make decision for each online impression to fulfil the goal of optimizing the advertising effect. The general technical scheme of this scheduling system is to insert the advertising materials directly into the media page according to the predetermined schedule, and accelerate the access via the content delivery network. In case of mixed ad serving of agreement-based ads and dynamic ads, the logic for delivering cost per time and skylight ads shall be thought about concurrently. The advertising systems corresponding to the display quantity agreement are collectively referred to as the guaranteed delivery system. For the agreement-based advertising, traffic forecasting is a supporting technology that is critical to guarantee the performance of online allocation.