chapter  Chapter 4
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Agreement-Based Advertising

WithLiu Peng, Wang Chao

The Cost per Mille-based display quantity agreement is a direct stimulus to the birth of audience targeting technologies. Ad space agreement is the earliest sales model of online advertising: the media and advertisers agree to deliver the ads of the advertisers on fixed ad spaces within a prescribed time frame, and settled by cost per time. Including the display quantity agreement, the sales of most advertising products is audience-based, which is a core sales model for them. The display quantity agreement sells the number of ad impressions to a particular audience segment, which is different from the specified ad space, so the ad serving quantity shall be prescribed in the agreement. Traffic shaping is very important for display quantity agreement, but it is essentially a passive measurement of traffic. The display quantity agreement has two typical product scenarios: one is for video ad resources, and the other is for the brand advertising position on the global main portals.