chapter  Chapter 6
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Programmatic Trade Advertising

WithLiu Peng, Wang Chao

To perform such a function, ad request, offering, and bidding shall be implemented during the impression, thus giving rise to a programmatic trade market with real-time bidding as its core. In the programmatic trade market, the ability of the demand side to select and control the traffic has reached perfection, which is quite a challenge to the relevant technologies and algorithms. In addition to the changes on trading patterns, the programmatic trade has spawned another important market: data processing and trading market. This chapter summarizes several main modes of programmatic trade and their corresponding supply-/demand-side products, and compare them with the agreement-based sales. The core of brand advertising lies in its audience targeting strategy, but irrespective of agreement-based or auction-based advertising, the audiences segments are defined by the advertising platform, and the demand side has little freedom to process it.