chapter  Chapter 7
19 Pages

Data Processing and Exchange

WithLiu Peng, Wang Chao

This chapter introduces the data assets with definite market value and how much is their value, which are important judgment bases for data collection, exchange, and processing. Upon possession of these data assets, it process them into the directly available information and monetizable products – collectively referred to as Data Management Platform (DMP). The chapter introduces the basic logic and business model. It discusses the frontier issues about data transaction and data privacy security, so as to help readers acquaint with these important concepts. Now that data are focal point of targeted advertising, their processing and trading is as significant as the ad serving technology. They mainly fall into the six categories: user ID, user behavior, demographical attributes, geographical location, social relationship, and equipment information. The DMP in marketplace is split into the first-party and third-party DMPs in two different scenarios. These two DMPs, despite of generally the same technical procedures, vary notably in their product direction and business model.