chapter  8
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Water management is quite possible

ByMalin Falkenmark, Gunnar Lindh

This chapter focuses on the use of models in hydrology, there are a few other questions which merit attention connected with the construction of models. It provides a description of some of the methods used by hydrologists and other water scientists to solve difficult quantitative and qualitative problems of water management. The International Hydrological Programme (IHP) represents a clear shift of interest from that of the IHD. Hydrology and water resource questions are central concepts in both research programs, but the more recent IHP activities put more emphasis on human influence upon the hydrological cycle and upon the effects that this produces. In hydrology and in the water-resource sector, the increasingly complex picture presented by the total range of water activities has required a more general approach to problem areas. The modern water-resource engineer collaborates with the hydrologist in solving water problems, not only in Sweden but in other countries as well, not least in the developing countries.