chapter  16
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The End

ByLothar Gall

In league with a monarch born in the last century, it was argued, H. von Bismarck had for all his indubitable merits in many respects attempted to halt the wheel of time. Bismarck doubtless took the possible failure of such endeavours soberly into account from the outset, promptly setting up a kind of second front behind the first and evolving an alternative plan of action for it. Bismarck immediately argued in favour of leaving it to the participants to settle the conflict and against having the state intervene in support of either side. In reality Bismarck, confident of the power of the state, was all for the strike movement ‘getting out of hand’ to some extent. The climax came on 25 October 1889 when Bismarck presented to the Imperial Diet, whose legislative period expired in a matter of months, a Bill for an unlimited extension of the Anti-Socialist Law.