chapter  17
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The Shadow of the Past

ByLothar Gall

H. von Bismarck may have guarded against quoting the passage, the context of which was hardly such as would show his creation in a very positive light; in fact it made the future of that creation look somewhat gloomy. Bismarck never in fact took his seat, and he turned down all further invitations to stand as a candidate. The journey began to take the form of a massive demonstration of sympathy for Bismarck and of criticism of the petty behaviour of the emperor and his government. According to Bismarck, anyone who regarded Social Democracy as a normal, albeit extremist political party representing specific interests was dragging a Trojan horse into the beleaguered citadel of bourgeois society. His sole concern was to freeze a position that had once been so extremely favourable to himself and his immediate political objectives.