chapter  II
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Growth of Agricultural Output and Inputs

WithD. P. Chaudhri, Ajit K. Dasgupta

This chapter provides estimates of the rate of growth of agricultural output. It describes the trends in land, labour and capital and discusses factor proportions and productivity changes. In 1961 the concept of economic activity was derived from the ‘labour’ approach, i.e. by the criterion of regular participation in productive work. The actual occupations included under the unspecified categories may have differed between the Censuses, and even for 1971 those previously regarded as unspecified may simply have been classified as agricultural labourers, leading to an overestimate of the inter-censal increase in their number. The Census definition of workers is, therefore, a measure of labour availability and hence of supply. There has been a spectacular rise in output per hectare, a substantial rise in output per worker, and a significant rise in output per unit of fixed capital. The growth of agricultural output in post-independence Punjab has been both sustained and substantial.