chapter  9
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Conclusions and recommendations

WithIsnaeni Murdi Hartanto

This chapter summarizes the findings and limitations of the study, and provides recommendations for integrating multiple sources of information in hydrological modelling. The recommendation for future work is to test the framework developed on more case studies, with other water systems, additional or other data sources, additional or other data-model integration methods, and for longer analysis periods. The framework was tested on distributed hydrological modelling of the Rijnland water system in the Netherlands. The hydrological modelling system SIMGRO was used, which is especially suitable for simulating low-land water systems with control structures, such as Rijnland. The improved model might find difficulties in simulating the discharge in Rijnland water system, although the deviations might be explainable. The Rijnland case study results show that the presented data-model integration framework provides an effective way of integrating the variety of hydrometeorological data sources available.