chapter  Chapter 2
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WithTom Denton

Safety issues associated with automated driving vehicles (ADVs) is a complex area and has to be considered by owners, repairers and the public at large. In addition, insurers and law enforcement will be affected by the changes that will come about as ADVs become more common. All the normal safety systems that we have come to expect in a modern vehicle will still be used in an ADV. Active safety features engage to help prevent or reduce the severity of a crash. Passive safety features protect vehicle occupants during a crash. Passive safety systems are those that help to protect vehicle occupants from injury during a crash. The safety of people and property external to the vehicle is an area of great interest to designers of ADV systems. The Institute of the Motor Industry TechSafe is a campaign to direct employers to their health and safety responsibilities in relation to hybrid and electric, connected and automated driving vehicles.