chapter  8
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Next steps

WithAlex Quigley

Crucial reading gap is teachers’ knowledge of reading. It is a gap that proves an issue the world over, from Australia to Accrington. Book gifting has been offered as a solution to the reading gap the world over, including familiar national projects in England like ‘Bookstart Baby’. In one research trial, called the ‘Letterbox Club’ (after the lovely package gifted to families) children in care were given a package of books and other learning materials, like stationery, etc. Teachers need the time, training and tools if they are to support all of their pupils to become flourishing readers. Given the tremendous value reading success offers for our pupils, we should invest our efforts in prioritising closing the reading gap. In order to provide regular opportunities for reading, the timings of the school day were adjusted, and 30 minutes reading time was added to the school timetable on four afternoons each week.