chapter  1
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Introduction to Family Life Education

A Historical Perspective
ByBridget A. Walsh, Jennifer A. Mortensen

This chapter highlights a number of hallmarks and advancements that are essential to the expansion and professionalization of Family Life Education (FLE). It provides an overview of key events and cornerstones that promoted the evolution of FLE. The role of the professional delivering FLE is crucial to best practices and to success with working with families. Family fields and social work were conceived as distinct academic areas in tertiary education. The National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) was founded in 1938 by Paul Sayre, Ernest Burgess, and Sidney E. Goldstein to focus on family research, practice and policy. NCFR is the main professional organization for family science professionals and the Certified Family Life Educator credential. The Children, Youth and Families at Risk program targets at-risk youth and families to implement and deliver educational services and has been doing so since 1991 through federal funding.