chapter  13
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ByBridget A. Walsh, Jennifer A. Mortensen

The Collaborative for Understanding the Pedagogy of Infant/Toddler Development (CUPID) drafted a set of competencies for the Infant/Toddler Workforce that includes Professionalism. This competency encompasses engaging in the broader profession and learning and applying evidence-based practices in one’s work. Logic models are graphical depictions that include text to communicate what happens in the program and how it leads to results. Parents as Teachers provides a logic model and suggests that model enhancements might be needed to address families’ needs and strengths. Professional development can include a variety of strategies, such as coaching and mentoring, reflective supervision, and technical training and support. Program procedures are important to professionalism and consider confidentiality as synonymous with privacy and as extremely important to quality services of home visiting, particularly given the personal nature of home visiting. Home visitors will need opportunities is introduced to new content and its importance, to practice skills through techniques such as role playing, and to reflect and receive feedback.