chapter  14
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Supporting Competencies in Adults

ByBridget A. Walsh, Jennifer A. Mortensen

Supporting competencies in adults is critical for home visitors to meet Early Head Start-Home-Based Option (EHS-HBO) program goals for young children’s development, healthy parent–child relationships, and overall family wellbeing. The goals of EHS-HBO are to foster healthy change in parenting and family interactions in ways that improve child wellbeing. EHS-HBO strives to collaborate with parents to coach them in supporting their child’s development and developing their own self-efficacy. Depression is a major risk factor for poor parent–child relationships during infancy and toddlerhood. Depression is the most toxic to parent–child relationships and child development when it occurs early in the child’s life. Transformative learning theory is the continual appraisal of new information in light of previous knowledge or experiences. Adults all use frames of reference to situate new information but can revise the meaning they hold for knowledge through reflection and renewed appraisal of information.