chapter  Three
28 Pages

Policy, Organization, and the Performance of Yugoslav Agriculture: 1956-1979

WithMichael L. Boyd

Yugoslav agriculture since World War II has demonstrated important developments in the organization of production. Since the early 1950s, the socialist government of Yugoslavia has admitted the need to accept a significant amount of private production in agriculture. In order to identify the various factors that affect the performance of different organizational forms, Tjailing C. Koopmans and John M. Montias and Montias argue that three sets of factors need to be made explicit and their effects kept distinct: environmental effects; policy effects; and system structures. In addition to providing the necessary historical context for the empirical study of Yugoslav agriculture, this description identifies temporal divisions of policy that are used to capture the effects of policy on performance. The chapter shows that potential environmental effects will be identified for the eight political subdivisions of the country, and policy effects will be measured through time periods.