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Students in the Seventies: A New Breed?

ByAllan O. Pfnister

The events of the sixties and early seventies generated not only a series of official reports but a multitude of books and articles analyzing the activists at the time and offering suggestions regarding the causes and cures of disruption. In contrast to the literature of the 1960s, the writings in the seventies report that students have switched from activism to privatism and are apparently working for change, if at all, inside the system. The 1970 Yankelovich study focused upon the conflict between college youth and the so-called Establishment and revealed "a surprisingly large core of common concerns shared by the business executives and college students." In many respects the older student is psychologically more like the "tenaciously in," but by virtue of being left out of and even discouraged from higher education, the older student has also been excluded from an area of life and has lacked status.