chapter  5
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Corporatists and Monarchists Versus Republicans

WithWalter C. Opello

Conspiracy against the New State inside the military, however, continued under the auspices of the Military Junta of National Liberation. Opposition to the New State came from monarchists, who wanted the restoration of the crown, and Republicans, socialists, anarchists, and Communists, who wanted a popular democracy. Integralismo Lusitano fulminated against liberalism, republicanism, democracy, communism, indiscipline, and secularism. The group supported traditional, authoritarian monarchical rule based on corporatist principles. The statute reflected Antonio de Oliveira Salazar’s Thomist-corporatist philosophy, placing the good of the individual worker below that of the group and the good of the group below that of the society. In order to give concrete meaning to his corporatist principles and to implement the labor statute, Salazar established a secretariat of state for corporations and social welfare. As Salazar came to be seen as the civilian mainstay of the military dictatorship, he increasingly took it upon himself to lay out the country’s political future.